How To Choose the Right Sliding Door Color?

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    Sliding door colors have a wide range of looks from the typical to modern types.

    That’s why choosing the right color for your sliding door is like getting your house a boost.

    By choosing the correct color, you can upgrade your outdoor and indoor appearance simultaneously.

    Since there are many varieties to choose from, sometimes homeowners don’t know where to start when searching for the right color.

    Luckily, this article will help you on how to choose the right sliding door color.

    But, if you’re not confident in selecting a color for your door, you can ask our professional sliding door technician to help you.

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    Color Tips For Your Sliding Door

    Front doors protect your home from burglars and criminals.

    But, aside from security, they add curb appeal too.

    Check the following tips below on how to choose the right sliding door color.

    1. Consider Your Door’s Color Wheel

    The color wheel will become your reference in choosing the right color for your door.

    You can opt for analogous, monochromatic, complementary, or contrasting colors.

    1. Your Home’s Architectural Style

    Another reason that you need to consider is the architectural style.

    If your property style has bright or pastel colors, you must go with modern colors instead of traditional ones.

    1. Materials, Styles, and Landscape

    Take note that when choosing a hue for your sliding door, always consider the colors of the materials in your home, surrounding landscape and architectural style.

    1. Focal Points

    Your sliding door can become the focal point of your property.

    If you want to make the sliding door color pop out, select a shade that counters your home’s exterior wall color.

    1. Personality

    Colors reflect your own personality or vibe.

    If you want a sliding color that displays an energetic mood, select brighter hues.

    However, if you’re a quiet person and just want a calming surrounding, choose subdued colors.

    1. Check The Color Many Times

    It would be best to look at the sample color at least three times on the same day.

    During the morning, afternoon, or night, the hues might appear differently.

    1. Consider The Color Of Your Roof And Sidings

    Another tip we can give you is to rely on the color of your roof and siding when choosing the hue of your sliding door.

    1. Get 3 Colors For Your Sliding Door

    Ensure that you stick to three color schemes for your sliding door.

    1. Read On Magazines And Websites

    Try to get inspiration in choosing colors for your sliding door by looking at magazines or the internet.

    Also, you can look for a website that installs software that can allow you to design your own door.

    In this way, you can decide if your design suits your property before installing or replacing a sliding door.

    Do’s and Don’t In Selecting A Sliding Door Color.

    The door is the first thing that people will notice when they visit your home.

    That’s why the front entry will serve as a welcoming sign for your guests.

    By reading some of our tips below, you can enhance your property’s curb appeal.

    Stick With The Classic

    When choosing a color for your sliding door, always consider first the classic styles.

    You can use a neutral color like black, gray, or brown for an appearance that will withstand a long time.

    Even the classic navy blue and deep red will act neutral and withstand time.

    Don’t Be Scared Of Color.

    Another tip is: don’t be afraid of experimenting with colors for your sliding door.

    If you have a color in your mind that speaks to you, you should try it out.

    If your experiment color is too bright, try to mix a darker version, such as forest green, eggplant, or burgundy.


    If you can’t decide which color will suit your property, contact L.A. Best Sliders Repair to help you select the right color for your sliding glass door.

    On the other hand, if you have a broken door, we have a team of sliding door technicians with the skills and knowledge to repair most door problems.

    Also, in case you need a new door, our certified sliding door maintenance specialists perform sliding door installation.

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