About Us

L.A. Best Sliders repair is a locally owned and operated company here in our beautiful city of Los Angeles. We’ve been around for decades, combining experience, knowhow and we believe, industry-leading customer service, serving our community in everything slider doors related.

Gone are the days when you’re left in the dark and paying far too much for poor quality work, we’re happy to say that we take huge pride in all our workmanship and we’re not happy until you’re happy. Being in the business such a long time, we set our standards extremely high and are only satisfied when the job is done to perfection.

We have a diverse skill set, enabling us to repair any kind of sliding door with relative ease, as well as replacing and fitting any shiny new ones necessary. If you’re unsure on what kind of style or type you’d like, then we’re able to provide FREE advice on how we think best each aesthetic will suit your home.

That’s not all, though. Thanks to some great relationships we’ve built with suppliers over the years, we have a huge range of doors, bound to suit any style or need. To go further, we’re hugely proud to say that we offer a FULLY comprehensive warranty on all of the doors we supply. In other words, in the extremely unlikely event something was to go wrong, then you guessed it: we’ll put it right.

A Word From Our Customers