Are Sliding Doors Safe For My Home?

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    Sliding doors create a seamless visual connection between the outside and indoors.

    It allows natural light to stream into your house that can make a small space look larger.

    However, the question is, “Are sliding door safe for my home?’”

    Well, sliding doors are not secured as a traditional wood, fiberglass, or metal door.

    Typically, by using simple tools, thieves can break your glass sliding door.

    Fortunately, this article will help you make your sliding door defensive.

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    Things You Need To Do To Enhance Your Sliding Door Defense

    There are many things that you can do to upgrade your security further.

    If you have a sliding door on your house, check below our tips to enhance your security.

    Place An Obstacle In Your Door Tracks

    The sliding door can be opened or closed by moving it horizontally along its lower and upper tracks.

    So one of the easiest ways to enhance your door’s security is to block the tracks to avoid unnecessary movement.

    By placing a blocker in your tracks, burglars or thieves can’t slide your door from the outside.

    You can create a blocker by getting a wooden broom and cutting out its handle, and filling it at the bottom track of your door.

    In this way, the thief can no longer open your sliding door from outside.

    Lock Your Door Very Tight

    While the front door has a deadbolt with a robust locking mechanism, the sliding door or your patio door has just a simple latch.

    However, that latch isn’t secured with a professional burglar who can easily pry it open using simple tools such as a screwdriver.

    To enhance your sliding door security, backup your latch using a secondary steel locking system.

    You can use a standard loop lock to add to your door’s security, an inexpensive yet effective tool.

    Loop locks consist of a solid casing on both ends, the one is connected to the sliding part of your door, and the other is to your door jamb.

    It also has a durable pin that drops down to the casing of your door that results in locking your sliding door, and you can raise it to unlock.

    Reinforce Your Sliding Door

    Sliding glass doors have a large expanse of glass easily seen by burglars on who and what is inside your property.

    It’s then merely a matter of hitting your sliding door with a brick or rock to break the glass and gain entry to your home.

    To avoid this incident, you can apply a security film to the interior part of your sliding door to give it extra defense.

    These super thin vinyl films will add a strong layer of support, making the glass very difficult to break.

    These films are enough to prevent anyone from seeing what or who is inside your home.

    In this way, you can prevent burglars from breaking into your property, and you could also add extra protection to debris carried away from harsh weather.

    However, you should be aware that mirrored films only reflect on the part of the glass which light enters the most.

    It means that the stranger outside your home will see their reflection during the daytime, while you can see them from the inside without seeing you.


    A typical sliding door is not enough to prevent burglars from gaining access to your property.

    But, if you use the tips above, you can upgrade your sliding door’s security and prevent anyone from compromising your security.

    At L.A. Best Sliders Repair, we have a team of certified sliding door experts who can enhance your home’s security by upgrading your sliding door.

    If you need an urgent sliding service, you can call us through our local number.

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