What Are Bi-folding Doors?

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    When you say bifold doors, many people think about the patio doors owned by extremely rich people.

    Perhaps, you’ve seen this type of door in movies, and they often overlook a vast ocean, mountains, or city.

    This opinion about bifold doors says a lot about the style and elegance it offers.

    Even so, you shouldn’t be disheartened since middle-income households can afford to install bifold doors.

    Before you think about the cost, you should have sufficient knowledge about this door.

    What are bi-folding doors?

    Let this article provide you with everything you need to know before installing a bifold door.

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    What are Bi-folding Doors?

    Bifold doors, also called folding sliding doors, are a type of door that is popularly installed as patio doors and room dividers.

    This door consists of multiple panels that are connected by hinges.

    The hinge attachments allow the panels to fold back against each other towards the side of the opening like a concertina.

    As the panels fold, the rollers on the top and bottom of each panel follow the track for a directed sliding motion.

    To put it simply, a bifold door is composed of panels that fold back on themselves and slide to open and close.

    Applications of Bi-folding Doors

    Bifold doors are extremely flexible, such that you can set them up for various applications.

    Here are some common purposes of bi-folding doors.

    • Patio Doors

    Bi-folding doors are perfect for wide patio openings because they allow you to fully open up space.

    Thus, you can remove the barrier between the interior and exterior of your house by opening your bifold door.

    • Closet or Pantry Doors

    Many homeowners install interior bifold doors as closet doors.

    The folding and sliding mechanism lets you open and close your closet or pantry with ease.

    • Room Dividers

    Bifold doors are perfect room dividers if you have a huge space that you want to split into multiple rooms.

    With a bifold door, you can maintain the spaciousness of the room by opening the door.

    At the same time, you can enjoy privacy when you close the door.

    • Traffic Doors

    A single bifold door is also applicable as a normal access door.

    However, in most cases, bi-folding doors used as room dividers and patio doors have a traffic door feature.

    This allows users to conveniently move from one room to another without opening the entire doorway.

    Why Should You Install Bi-folding Doors?

    Aside from the many applications of bi-folding doors, they also offer plenty of benefits to homeowners.

    The following are some reasons why a bifold door is perfect for your home.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Bi-folding doors can be made out of timber, uPVC, or aluminium.

    You can also choose from different glass types, colors, frame designs, trims, and shapes.

    Because of this, your bifold door can make your home exterior or interior stand out.

    Highly Secure

    When you install exterior bifold doors, you have to ensure that they offer reliable security.

    Luckily, bi-folding doors are sturdy and secure.

    With sufficient locking devices and security measures, we guarantee that your home will be safe against intrusions.

    You can even coat the glass of your door with an anti-shatter film to make it more durable.


    If you have limited space, installing a bifold door can help you maximize it.

    Since they don’t require a lot of clearance space, you can add decorations or furniture to the areas near the door.

    Aside from this, bi-folding doors allow light to pass through, thereby making your home interior look spacious.


    Well-insulated bi-folding doors can help you lower your monthly electricity bill.

    That’s because the glass helps retain the heat inside your house during cold months.

    During hot seasons, the glass alternatively prevents excessive heat from entering your home.

    Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature without exhausting your air cooler or heating appliances.

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