Sliding Door Lock Is Broken, Do I Need To Replace The Whole Door?

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    Sliding doors gives us that perfect feeling of having the “outside into the inside”.

    Moreover, we can experience having that natural light whenever we feel like it.

    Yet, a broken one can make things go wrong and inconvenient.

    We often end up asking ourselves, the sliding door lock is broken, do I need to replace the whole door then?

    Recent trends in door designs made the sliding door a more efficient door type.

    Both residential and public establishments use this type of door for convenience.

    Furthermore, lock is important to the sliding door system.

    So, it is ideal to keep it free from damages and other issues.

    Here are some tips in preventing the doors from causing function issues.

    A Stuck-up Door

    There are various reasons why the sliding door gets stuck.

    It may be because of the broken roller, misaligned track or a worn-out lock.

    Of course, it is ideal to prevent this kind of situation.

    First, we have to verify the extent of the problem.

    Small issues like dirt and rust are easy to fix.

    We can just grab a clean cloth or use a vacuum in solving the problem.

    When the rollers and tracks create a function issue, then the problem needs immediate action.

    Overlooking the issue can make the situation worse.

    Also, we’ll end up paying more on the repair and installations.

    Be sure to call a professional from L.A Best Sliders Repair during these serious issues.

    It is best to let a professional deal with the repair to know if we should replace the whole door or not.

    Basically, we have to know the degree of damage before we decide to replace the whole door not.

    Moreover, a broken lock can need someone who knows how these locks function.

    Technically, sliding door locks have various types.

    It can be a steel mortise lock, oval shaped cut-out lock, or a rectangular cut-out lock.

    Here’s a quick guide about the types of locks a sliding door can have:

    Steel Mortise Lock

    If the lock is on the frame of the door, then the type of lock is a steel mortise lock.

    Normally, this lock rests where the patio door frame is.

    Of course, there are various door locks lengths and widths.

    It is best to have the design that compliments the door frame.

    Steel mortise lock assemblies have long screws that connect the lock with the handles.

    And there is a lever that slides on the rectangular hole within the lock.

    We can always seek help from a professional whether we choose this kind of lock or not.

    Consider replacing these locks whenever it causes function issues on the door.

    Have a certified person from L.A.Best Sliders Repair do the job.

    We have sliding door repair and installation services that can be a great help.

    Oval Shaped Cutout Locks

    This is the most used sliding door lock design.

    This is almost identical to mortise locks yet it differs on the position of the keyway.

    Mortise has a vertical keyway while this has a 45-degree keyway.

    Rectangular Cutout Locks

    This type of lock is usually on the aluminum patio doors.

    It has an adapter that makes it ideal for aluminum type of frames.

    It has no adjustment screw and is basically a vertical keyway.

    Moreover, a sliding door requires various types of rectangular cutout.

    This will ensure that it is functioning right.

    Who To Call If The Locks Aren’t Available Anymore?

    Various trends and upgrades make it harder to keep up with what is new.

    Old door lock designs are hardly on the market.

    Luckily, L.A. Best Sliders Repair can help in looking for the right door lock material.

    Moreover, we have sliding door installation services as well as sliding door repairs.

    We also have certified professionals that can deal with any sliding door lock issue.

    We can inspect, repair, and do installations.

    We can also help in the overall process from the type of door to choose up to the maintenance.

    As an owner, it is in our interests to keep everything on track.

    By scheduling maintenance, we can prevent further damages to the door.

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