Are Sliding Doors Thermal Efficient?

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    A common problem for all property owners is their energy bill.

    Every year their electric bill increases which gives them stress and headaches.

    However, there’s a way to reduce your current energy bill and for you to save more money.

    By installing the right sliding door, you can save around three hundred dollars a year on cooling or heating costs.

    If you want to know more about this topic, read below why sliding doors are thermally efficient.

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    Many Glass Panes

    If you currently have a single-paned glass, there’s a chance that you can feel colder in that spot.

    Additionally, home properties with single-pane doors have the chance to leak out the cold air during summer.

    But, nowadays, homeowners use a double-paned sliding door that is more energy-efficient than a single pane.

    Furthermore, some homes in colder regions use a triple-paned sliding door to keep the warm temperature inside.

    On the other hand, if your place doesn’t experience extreme temperature fluctuation, installing multiple pane doors is not recommended due to the high cost.

    If you need any help regarding your sliding doors, you should call a sliding door technician to help you pick the correct type of sliding door.

    In this way, you can spend your money on the right sliding door that is more energy-efficient.

    Factor That Makes A Sliding Door More Energy Efficient

    You can check below the different determinants which make a sliding door thermal efficient.

    Gas Within the Panes

    The double-paned glass doors are energy efficient not because of the second layer of glass but because of the gas between the panes.

    The most widely used gas of all homeowners is argon.

    The thermal conductivity of this gas is two-thirds of air which is good at inhibiting heat loss.

    The other type of gas is called Krypton, which most property owners rarely use.

    Krypton gas is more insulating than argon, but this gas can increase the price of your patio door.

    Low-Emissivity Coating

    In order to further insulate the sliding door, the manufacturer coats the door with a Low-E coating.

    The coating consists of a tiny layer of metallic particles that bounce back the heat either back outside in the summer or indoors in the winter.

    The low-emissivity coat is so strong that it’s like adding another layer of glass to the sliding door.

    Low-emissivity coatings are applicable to the exterior part of the glass door or between the two panes.

    Both provide more insulation but placing it inside the panes usually has a more substantial effect.

    Sliding Door’s Frame Material

    The material used in your sliding door is another factor that makes the sliding glass door more energy efficient.

    In this case, the door’s glass is essential because most hurricane doors, impact doors, and patio doors are built from glass.

    If you want to install a sliding glass door or french patio doors, you should consider the material used in the door.

    That’s because the component of your frame will affect energy efficiency.

    Fiberglass and vinyl are the most insulating frame materials that are used in most sliding glass doors.

    But, if you’re a classic type of person, you can use wooden frames.

    However, there is necessary maintenance for wood types of frames to ensure that they can last for a long time.

    Another type of frame is the aluminium that some homeowners use due to its durability and strength, especially in hurricane-prone regions.


    In choosing the right door, you should consider first those factors we mentioned above.

    Additionally, before purchasing any efficient thermal door, think first if your area is experiencing extreme weather conditions.

    If not, you stick with the regular sliding door to reduce the cost of installation.

    So, if you need any sliding door repair or sliding door installation, remember our name L.A. Best Sliders Repair.

    We have a team of highly skilled sliding door technicians who can help you repair your door issues and install sliding doors simultaneously.

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