What Is A Fold ‘n’ Slide System?

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    Fold ‘n’ slide systems or bifold doors are a type of door mechanism that’s gaining more and more popularity nowadays.

    Many homeowners who have a patio are installing folding sliding doors to add style and elegance to their homes.

    Apart from the aesthetic value of fold ‘n’ slide doors, they are also convenient and efficient to use.

    Fold ‘n’ slide doors also have the reputation of being space-saving and secure.

    If you’re getting tired of your lackluster patio door, then you should consider upgrading it to a folding sliding door.

    What is a fold ‘n’ slide system?

    Continue reading below to determine if this type of door is perfect for your patio.

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    Fold ‘n’ Slide Systems Explained

    What is a fold ‘n’ slide system?

    Fold ‘n’ slide door systems are more popularly known as bifold doors or folding sliding doors.

    As you can guess from the name, this type of door consists of glass panels that fold and slide along the rails.

    They are widely used as patio doors and room dividers.

    That’s thanks to their capability to conveniently close and open to make available space.

    How Do Fold ‘n’ Slide Systems Work?

    The panels of bifold doors fold so that they convene on the sides of the opening.

    As they move, the top and bottom edges of the panels smoothly slide along the rails.

    Based on this description, you would notice that fold ‘n’ slide doors operate on a simple track and wheel system.

    The track guides the rollers of the panels so that they go straight to open and close.

    On the other hand, the rollers or wheels allow for the smooth and quiet gliding of your door panels.

    Applications of Folding Sliding Doors

    You can install fold ‘n’ slide doors if you want a large patio opening.

    When open, the door panels stack on the sides so you have a wide-open space.

    When closed, the bifold door creates a barrier between the interior and exterior of your home.

    This barrier will protect your home against intrusion, harsh weather conditions, insects, and stray animals.

    Aside from external applications, you can also install folding sliding doors inside your home wherever you prefer.

    Homeowners usually utilize a fold ‘n’ slide door system as a room divider.

    That way, you can connect multiple rooms and divide them whenever you need.

    Advantages of a Fold ‘n’ Slide Door Systems

    Bifold doors charm many homeowners due to multiple reasons.

    • Easy and Quiet Operation

    Due to their simple mechanism, you can easily operate fold ‘n’ slide doors.

    You simply pull the panels towards one end and they will slide along the tracks.

    • Flexible Application

    As mentioned, you can set up a bifold door on the interior or exterior of your house.

    Fold ‘n’ slide doors make a stylish patio door, back door, or room divider.

    • Space-saving

    Bifold doors do not require a lot of clearance space when open.

    Since the panels fold back on each other, they are perfect if you have a small space in your house.

    • High Security

    Fold ‘n’ slide doors consist of durable glazed panels that can withstand strong weather elements.

    You can also choose the material to make your door hardier and secure.

    Additionally, a bifold door consists of locking devices on each panel, making it more reliable against break-ins.

    • Aesthetics

    You can choose from various frame, trim, and glass options for your folding sliding door.

    Aside from the door design, bifold doors also give you better views since you can see the outdoors from the inside.

    • Energy Efficient

    A glass fold ‘n’ slide door allows fresh air and natural daylight inside your home.

    This allows you to let in more air and light for a brighter and well-ventilated home.

    Thus, you’ll less likely need to use your light and HVAC systems.

    Professional Fold ‘n’ Slide Door Installation in Los Angeles

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