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    Repair a Pocket Door

    After years of use, it is inevitable to avoid function troubles.

    Sliding doors will no longer work properly if their parts aren’t in their best condition.

    Of course, there are various reasons that cause the function trouble.

    As an owner, it is in our best interests to solve such issues.

    The good news is we can mend the issue by doing some DIY repair yourself.

    Simple repair can make the door move freely like a newly installed one.

    Basically, sliding doors fail when there is excessive dirt and rust.

    The question is, how can we do the repair?

    Tools and Materials Needed

    Doing DIYs need ample knowledge and tools.

    It is best to gear ourselves with the right ones to avoid extra damages on the door.

    Thus, sliding door DIY Repair will be easy with the right tools and materials.

    Here are the tools and materials needed in doing so:

    • Utility knife or a common knife
    • Screen Roller / Roller
    • Rags and extra clothes
    • Pry bar
    • Corded Drill
    • Wrench
    • Screwdriver
    • Replacement Screen Door
    • Silicone Lubricant
    • Rollers For Replacement

    Alignments and Cleaning

    Before doing any repair procedure, it is ideal to check the condition of the door.

    Second, make sure to lower the door on the track with a screwdriver or a wrench.

    Lift it promptly to clear the track and let the rollers move freely.

    Find the location of the two adjusting doors and remove the caps that cover the said screws.

    Adjust the door to its proper alignment.

    Ensure that the gap is even and free from any obstructions.

    We can always seek professional help. L.A. Best Sliders Repair offers a helping hand.

    We can do slide door repairs and installation.

    Now, repairing a broken sliding door will be easy with the right process in doing so.

    Removal of Stop Molding and Door

    Sometimes, the door will fail to move smoothly because of some door accessories.

    One of which is to stop molding.

    Stop moldings somehow can sometimes cause function issues.

    Remove the screws where the stop modeling is.

    Detach it from the door and check if the doors are gliding right.

    If not, check the condition of the rollers and track.

    Also, we can remove the whole sliding door.

    Grip the door on both sides and carefully detach it from the sliding door system.

    If you are uneasy, let a reliable repairer do the job.

    Contact L.A. Best Sliders Repair and let our team do the fixing.

    It is ideal to know that sliding door DIY Repair has its limitations.

    If we cannot do the repair ourselves, we can always call an expert.

    Roller Adjustments and Replacements

    Rollers play an important role in the whole sliding door system.

    This part enables us to open the door smoothly.

    Moreover, it moves along the track at a constant speed.

    Yet, having a broken one can make things inconvenient.

    First, we have to make sure that the rollers are in their best condition.

    If not, let an expert do some repair and replacements if the situation permits.

    Broken and worn-out rollers need immediate attention. It is best to replace these kinds of rollers to avoid making the situation worse.

    Clean or replace the rollers based on their condition.

    We can start the replacement process by unscrewing.

    Remove all screws that hold the rollers. Make sure to use a screwdriver in removing the screws.

    Second, ensure that the tracks where the roller glides are free from dirt, rust, wear and tear.

    Excessive build-up of these things can make the roller lose its hold.

    And eventually create noises during opening.

    Torn and Worn-Out Screens

    Torn or worn-out screens are one of the reasons why we need to make sure that every door functions right.

    Let an expert do the replacement to avoid further damages on the door.

    Shattered or A Broken Glass Door

    Breaking or shattering of a glass door is a serious situation.

    First, we have to remove all broken pieces in the area.

    It is best to leave the job for the expert to do unless we are experts in this kind of thing.

    Letting an expert from a reliable company will avoid further damages on the door.

    Also, L.A. Best Sliders Repair offers services that can help the situation.

    Call our team and we will deal with the problem ASAP.

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