Simple Sliding Doors Or Folding Sliding Doors?

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    Sliding doors are a popular choice when it comes to patio doors.

    But did you know that there is another type of glass door that is much like the simple sliding door?

    Yes, we are talking about the folding sliding door or bifold door.

    As you can guess by the name, a folding sliding door folds against each other as they slide open or close.

    Both types of doors offer exquisite, space-saving, and functional styles.

    So, which is better, simple sliding doors or folding sliding doors?

    This is the main question we will be answering in this article.

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    Do you prefer complete or partial opening?

    One major difference between a folding sliding door and a simple sliding door is the extent of opening.

    When open, one panel of a sliding door remains in its position while the other panel slides to the side of the fixed panel.

    As a result, there is still half a barrier between the openings.

    On the other hand, folding sliding doors open completely.

    The panels are connected by hinges, which allows them to fold back on themselves towards the side of the door opening.

    Thus, you can enjoy a wide patio opening when the weather and breeze outside are nice.

    Which is more convenient to access?

    Bifold doors have a traffic door feature that allows you to go in and out of your house without any hassle.

    This traffic door works like a traditional back door that swings to open or close.

    On the other hand, you cannot do this in a sliding door.

    To pass through to the outdoor or indoor, you have no other way but to slide a heavy panel.

    Which is more affordable?

    Both simple sliding and bifold doors play within the same price range.

    However, if you need a large door to close your opening, a sliding door can become more expensive.

    The reason for this is that a sliding door is composed of fewer panels than a bifold door.

    This means that each glass panel will need to be big, and that marks up the price of a sliding door installation.

    More or Less Glass?

    Sliding doors tend to have a higher glass-to-frame ratio compared to bifold doors.

    What we mean to say is that you get more glass in a sliding door in contrast to a folding sliding door.

    Because of this, many homeowners prefer sliding doors due to the aesthetic quality of the glazed panels.

    With a sliding door, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

    Which door offers more energy efficiency?

    The glass-to-frame ratio impacts the thermal efficiency of your door.

    The glass portion provides the insulation to achieve better energy efficiency.

    Thus, more glass means higher thermal efficiency.

    As mentioned, sliding doors feature more glass.

    The glass used in simple sliding doors is also generally thicker.

    Hence, sliding doors are more efficient in keeping room temperatures at comfortable levels than bifold doors.

    Which door is ideal for small spaces?

    In contrast to a French door, simple sliding and bifold doors don’t require plenty of clearance space to open.

    But when contrasted against each other, simple sliding doors tend to be more space-saving.

    That’s because they don’t need any clearance at all.

    The sliding pane simply stacks against the fixed pane.

    On the other hand, folding sliding doors require ample space for the doors to fold.


    Both simple sliding and folding sliding doors have their pros and cons.

    Because of this, you have to assess each door and determine whether they fit your needs and budget.

    Also, you can easily choose between the two doors if you have a preference.

    If you need a team of experts for sliding door installation, L.A. Best Sliders Repair is at your service.

    We offer high-quality sliding door repair and installation in various parts of Los Angeles.

    Dial our local number today to get a free quote for our services.

    You can also talk to our expert technicians to discuss the best possible options for your home.

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