How To Get A Flush Threshold Right

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    Sliding Door Installation in Los Angeles

    The flush threshold provides adequate drainage and weather protection for your sliding doors.

    A flush threshold also gives stunning detail when your door is either open or closed.

    Additionally, it offers step-free access to you and your guest as they move in or out of your property.

    This article will explain everything you need to know on how to get a flush threshold right for your new sliding door.

    You can also ask our certified sliding door experts to plan and execute the correct threshold for your door.

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    Understanding On How A Threshold Works On Your Door

    Before getting a threshold, you must learn and understand how it works on your sliding door.

    First of all, you must select the right door for your home.

    You should know which product is available with the option of a flush threshold for a sliding door.

    Typically, if you have a timber or PVCu sliding door, these doors do not usually come with flush threshold functionality.

    On the other hand, aluminium sliding patio doors come with a low standard flush threshold arrangement.

    The patio doors that have a low threshold option can connect your outside and inside area spaces.

    The internal flooring will meet the threshold from the inside part and your slab and decking on the outside.

    The most significant benefit of this is not only giving you a better-looking threshold but enhancing your area access.

    However, the essential part is getting an equally sized patio door and design.

    To get the right patio door and design, your door must have adequate drainage of water from the outside as well as weather protection.

    That’s because the drainage is vital for any flush threshold on sliding patio doors.

    Another tip we can give you is to tell your builder to physically get a sample of the door track to see the door installed.

    In this way, the technician can see the track physically and ensure that the ground level and the structural opening will work when the doors arrive.

    Aluminium Flush Threshold Sliding Patio Doors

    The sliding doors themselves need to have proper drainage.

    That’s why you should correctly choose a door that has a factory drainage machine that will take effect on the bottom of your door track or cill section.

    This type of design enables the sliding doors to withstand extreme wind, air, and water collisions.

    The aluminium flush threshold door comes with well-designed suitable tracks, machined drainage, and drainage blocks.

    This entire feature works to seal your sliding door and push the water from your track away from your door.

    Tips For Getting A Right Threshold

    • Make sure that you plan ahead on getting the door with a threshold and not when your door is already installed.
    • Call for a sliding door technician to inspect your door track to see the sizes and details.

    In this way, you can achieve the best result for your sliding door.

    • If you have three to four glass panels, it means that you need a different floor design on each of them to ensure the flush will be placed correctly.
    • You must see the installed doors in a showroom to understand the correct sizes on both sides of the patio door.
    • Ensure that you’re aware of the outer and inner sizes of the finished floor.


    If you want to have a suitable flush threshold for your sliding door, you can consult our sliding door technician to help you build one.

    At L.A. Best Sliders Repair, we have a team of certified sliding door maintenance specialists who can provide you with a door with a suitable flush threshold.

    If you need one, you can contact us at any time on all days of the week.

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